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One Step Closer to
Studying in the UK

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One Step Closer to
Studying in the UK

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One Step Closer to
Studying in the UK

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One Step Closer to
Studying in the UK

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UKEAS is a British run company offering FREE, the highest quality service to all international students from preparing their application until they complete their studies. The business was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993, and has helped thousands of students to study at the UK. More..


Unlimited, FREE help and advice to all international students who want to apply to Universities (as well as Language and High Schools) in the UK. This means you will have all the help you need to get a successful offer to study in the UK


Knowledge of the UK education market - our staff have over 50 years experience of helping students to achieve their dream of studying in the UK by successful placements at the University most suited to your needs.


Established British company since 1993. You can be confident that we have long and close relationships with Universities to help your application to be processed quickly.


Any university in the UK. Yes that is right! We do not restrict your choice in anyway and every assistance is given to find the right course to match your needs and then complete all application procedures smoothly and without fuss.


Support you throughout your University life, from the minute you contact us until you receive your qualification. This offers you complete confidence that you will always have someone to help you now during all of your time in the UK.

  • How to apply

    How to apply

    Learn more about the application process and how we can help you

  • University Rankings

    University Rankings

    A list of all university rankings in the UK. More..

  • UK Study

    Want to study in the UK?

    UKEAS has a wealth of experience and developed close working relations with hundreds high schools, colleges and universities in the UK. More..

  • Life in the UK

    Life in the UK

    All you need to know about life in the UK. Weather, transport, accommodation and much more..



    We can provide you with all the information you need about the IELTS exam and give you tips on how best to succeed in this vital test. More..

  • Language School

    Language School

    Every year many students go to study in the UK and with our professional and fruitful experiences we can help them to find the best choice of the course. More..