Fun in the UK

The UK has always been a great country for tourism with many modern as well as historical attractions. There are plenty of Information Centres that provide visitors with maps, accommodation booking services, transport information and sites of tourist interest. The UK is well known for it's obvious tourist destinations like Oxford, Cambridge, the Lake District, Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland, but there are many famous museums, musicals and theaters, especially in London. If you really want to delve deep into British culture, then take a visit to some of UK's many thousand traditional pubs dotted around the country, or check out some of the famous night life. There's something for everyone!

  • Pubs

    You can't visit or live in the UK without experiencing a traditional pub. There are literally thousands across the country, from historical pubs that are hundreds of years old, to modern stylish bars. Pubs are seen as a great place to go to socialise with friends. It's not necessary to drink alcohol either, pubs are also great places to eat lunch or dinner. No matter what kind of pub you go to, it will definitely give you a great window on UK culture and it's people.

  • Night Life and Clubbing

    Night clubs are big business in the UK and there are many famous ones located in larger cities like Manchester and London that see big name DJs from the international club scene You can easily find the type of music that suits your taste and be able to spend as much as little money as you like. There are lots of underground clubs where you can check out up and coming DJs on Europe..

  • Live Bands

    Brits love their live bands, and it's a great place to see new groups and the biggest name bands from all over the world. With a great transport network it's easy to get around the country and see the bands that you are interested in.

  • Music Festivals

    There are a many music festivals in the UK, covering a wide variety of genres. Many of the UK's music festivals are world renowned, and have been held for many years including the most famous, Glastonbury and Reading Festival.

  • Shopping

    Shopping is a big pass-time in the UK. No matter if you're after bargains or big brand names, you will always fine what you are looking for. There are also big bargains to be had at different times of the year, especially just after Christmas in the January sales. You will be amazed at the discounts on offer.

  • Musicals and Shows

    The UK has a large number of musics that can easily rival any in the world. With the huge number of performances, you'll likely have a hard time deciding with one to go and see first!

  • Historical Britain

    The UK is renown for it's long rich history and has so many attractions that's almost impossible to visit every one of them. Castles, country houses, palaces, roman ruins just to name a few. These attractions are all very reasonably priced, and if you join an organisation like the National Trust, then they can offer you even more discounts.

  • Galleries and Museums

    The UK has some of the World's most famous museums and gallaries such as the Tate Modern and the British Museum and both are free to visit.

  • Restaurants

    British people love to eat foods from all around the world and so you will be able to find cuisines from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The Indian curry is by far the most popular food in the UK and restaurants can be found in almost every town and city. You have to remember that most people in the UK prefer to cook themselves as eating out in a restaurant is considered quite expensive.

  • Taking trips around the UK

    While you are living in the UK you should find some time to explore the country. The UK has a convenient affordable transport network  between towns and cities and with cheap Bed and Breakfasts you can organise a trip that is spread over a couple of days and take your time. If you stay in touch with your classmates and other students that you met at UKEAS, you may discover they are staying in a city you plan to visit.

  • Trips around Europe

    Europe is only a short trip from the UK and with affordable cheap flights operating to places like France, Spain and Italy, you can easily plan a short vacation abroad. Airlines such as Ryan Air and Easyjet offer cheap airline tickets, as well as cheap hostel accommodation.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Much of the UK is green, with stunning countryside and breathtaking hilly scenery. You can take advantage of this and go hiking for several days or just a gentle walk along many well marketed national footpaths.

  • Sports

    The British are very passionate about their sport. Popular sports in the UK are Football, cricket, squash, snooker, rugby and tennis. These were all invented in the UK, so it's no surprise that they are played very competitively. You will be able to participate in joining some of these sports at your University as a team player or just with friends. They are all great ways to meet new people.

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