• British Study Centre , London

    British Study Centre , London

    Established: 1996


British Study Centre (BSC), London was founded in the 1930's by Joseph Cleaver, grandfather of our current Chairman and Chief Executive, Simon Cleaver. To this day the company remains a resolutely 'family' firm, privately owned and managed by Simon and his family, and committed to providing a warm friendly environment for its customers.

All students so far have come from Europe - none from Asia, so this is a great chance to book a course and be sure of having a class not filled with Japanese and Koreans! The minimum age is 16 yrs and the average class size will be about 11 with 14 being maximum.


Located in the heart of London, just a few minutes from the major shopping areas of Oxford Street and Selfridges Department Store and near to Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street, BSC London lies in a large, modern, purpose-built, five floor building. British Study Centre has a large university-style library, a cafeteria (with homemade healthy food), a large internet zone with over 30 web-connected computers, over 30 clean and modern classrooms all with wi-fi access. We usually have about 350 students a week in peak season, the average age being about 25 years old. Minimum age is 16 years and the maximum class size is 14, with 11 being average. We offer a great daily social activity programme and weekend excursions and have homestay, residential and student house accommodation year round. Best of all is that at present we have just 7% Asian students (most from Korea and Japan), with the majority of our students coming from Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy.


British Study Centre London keep their teaching team up to date with the latest ideas in EFL teaching in a number of ways. We have staff meetings every week, and training sessions (every other Friday afternoon) when we introduce new ideas and techniques as well as discuss the particular needs of students who might be having problems, and plan for the future. To have regular meetings like this is unusual in a language school, but we believe it is the only way we can maintain the proper level of professionalism and care.

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  • Number of classes: 25
  • Number of teachers: 25
  • Age limit: 16
  • Fee Level: $ $
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