• Centre of English Studies , Worthing

    Centre of English Studies , Worthing

    Established: 1946


We are a friendly and effective school of English, located in an attractive seaside town, close to London and Brighton.
We pay close personal attention to the needs of individual students and do our best to ensure that they both benefit from and enjoy their stay with us.


Worthing is an attractive seaside town of 100,000 people, 75 minutes from London by train. The town has plenty of shops, pubs, restaurants, discos, parks and gardens, as well as 8km of seafront, a pier, theatre and concert hall and a wide range of leisure and sports facilities. Centre of English Studies is centrally located in Worthing, only a short walk from the railway station, town centre with shops, the beach and host families. Apart from the peak summer season all students reside in families within an easy walk of the school and all facilities.


Our teachers are well qualified and experienced. They are friendly and they ensure that even shy students participate and feel at home.

We offer preparation for Cambridge examinations, IELTS and TOEFL. Students taking our Intensive course can receive IELTS or TOEFL preparation without charge. Our Director of Studies is available to counsel students on choice of University and course for further study in Britain, and can assist with the relevant applications.

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  • Number of classes: 13
  • Number of teachers: 10
  • Age limit: 16
  • Fee Level: $ $
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