• Colchester English Study Centre

    Colchester English Study Centre

    Established: 1969


Colchester English Study Centre was opened in 1969 by Oxford University Press in a beautiful old house, close to the centre of Colchester, England's oldest recorded town. It is the only private British Council accredited school in the town and is open all year. Colchester is a historical town situated 80km North-East of London (just 50 minutes by train), close to the sea and typical English villages. Its population is 180,000, it has excellent modern shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities and is home to the University of Essex.

The Centre can accommodate over 270 students in 21 well-equipped classrooms. There is a library, listening and video centre and 27 student computers with free internet use and printing. Students can take IELTS and University of Cambridge examinations at the school.


Colchester is famous for being the oldest recorded town in England! It is very easy to get to [50 minutes by train from London] and is very close to all London airports! As well has being a historical Roman town close to the seaside and many lovely English villages, it is a modern University town [Essex University] with excellent shopping, nightlife and sporting facilities.

Because it is a town with a population of just 180,000 many students can walk to school which is close to the town centre. The famous castle with its excellent museum is located right in the heart of the town, situated in beautiful gardens close to the river Colne. Colchester is the perfect centre for students who want to be close to London but enjoy all the advantages and attractions of a smaller town with lots of history and excellent modern facilities.


All the teachers in Colchester are qualified with many years' of experience. Many teachers have worked here for a long time because they enjoy the school and the atmosphere. CESC is large enough to two or more groups at most levels so that students will always find the best class for them. We teach students how to communicate in English and always take care about their very special needs. Teachers are friendly, helpful and completely professional. Our excellent examination results in IELTS and other Cambridge exams [we are an IELTS and Cambridge testing Centre] mean that all students will make excellent progress during their stay.

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  • Number of classes: 20
  • Number of teachers: 40
  • Age limit: 16
  • Fee Level: $ $
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