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    EC Brighton

    Established: 1982


EC Brighton is situated just off Brighton's iconic seafront promenade, only a 10 minute walk from the Pier, Royal Pavilion, the Lanes and the restaurants, bars and clubs that Brighton is famous for. The three beautiful school buildings date from the Georgian era, but have been modernized to include 20 classrooms with lots of stylish touches and all of the facilities you need during your stay. The cafe provides a great place to meet, chat and have a coffee or some food with other students; or you may want to work on your English in the Self-Study Room, the Library and the Multimedia Room.


Brighton is situated in the southeast of England. It is an exciting and vibrant city which is as convenient as London but more friendly and compact.

There are many special activities in Brighton, such as clubs, pop music beach concerts, various art galleries and museums. Besides, the beach and parks also provide all kinds of sports as well as golf training, horse riding training and hiking.


At EC we aim to consolidate and develop students' language skills in order to allow them to communicate effectively within their level of English. The syllabus is based on a course book using the lexical approach -this means students will learn the grammar at the same time as the vocabulary. At EC we talk about 'active' and 'passive' knowledge.

On a short course they will try to make your 'passive' knowledge (things students may already know) 'active' (using it in everyday situations quickly and effectively) and also input some new structures and language items. On longer courses they aim to further develop the pool of 'active' language whilst also focusing on students' long term linguistic goals in order to move them up through the levels of English depending on length of stay. The rationale behind the course is to give equal weight to grammar, lexis (vocabulary), pronunciation and discourse (language chunks rather than individual words) via skills-based lessons (reading, writing, speaking and listening) ensuring that the main focus is on communication.

All students are taught by two teachers on a GE course and 3 teachers on an Intensive course.
All students have frequent tutorials in order to discuss their progress and personal language aims thus insuring that they receive the maximum support to develop their own learning in order to reach their goals.

EC GUARANTEE; at EC your English is guaranteed to improve during your time with them.

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  • Number of classes: 33
  • Number of teachers: 20~40
  • Age limit: 16
  • Fee Level: $ $
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