• ELC Bristol

    ELC Bristol

    Established: 1969


The English Language Centre (ELC) Bristol was established in 1969. The school is located in two fine old buildings close to Bristol University in one of the most beautiful areas of this historic city. A high standard of teaching, personal care and attention, quality accommodation and that fact that our students can mix with English university students by joining university clubs and societies have all helped to establish the reputation of the school.


Bristol is an exciting and prosperous city in the south west of England, with two universities. Bristol has a fascinating history as a seaport but is now a centre for banking, insurance, high-tech industries and education. With a population of 450,000 it is the second biggest city in the south of England. London is only one and a half hours away by train. Most of our students can walk from their homestay family to the school, to Bristol University, theatres, cinemas, clubs, parkland and to many shops and restaurants.


Our teachers are all qualified, attentive and sympathetic to your needs. In addition, small classes and modern facilities including TVs in all classrooms, multi-media centres/self-study centres, and classroom libraries allow you to gain the maximum benefit from the expertise of our teachers. The minimum age is 17 (16 during the summer courses) and we appeal to motivated individuals, rather than holidaymakers or part-time students.

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  • Number of classes: 27
  • Number of teachers: 20
  • Age limit: 18
  • Fee Level: $ $
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