• Regent Cambridge

    Regent Cambridge

    Established: 2003


Regent Cambridge occupies an attractive Victorian building with large modern extension in a lively district with many interesting small shops. The city centre, rail station and bus station are all within easy walking distance. The school has a capacity of almost 200 students, a student lounge, cafeteria, computer room with Internet and 10 new PCs, study/library area and a garden with picnic tables.


Set in the heart of England, Cambridge claims to be the loveliest city in Britain. As one of the most distinguished Universities in the world, Cambridge has 30 Colleges all of which have their own history and beauty. Many are situated close to the River Cam which flows gently past ancient buildings and green meadows. Boating, or punting, on the Cam is one of the many popular leisure pursuits in a city bustling with artistic and cultural activities. Students may join many University Societies, and there are numerous opportunities for sport: tennis,swimming, riding, golf and much more.


At Regent, we understand that everyone is an individual, which is why we give you the freedom to choose how, what and where you want to study. Our teachers are professionals, skilled in the use of assessments, reviews and tutorials and experts in maximising your potential. As a Regent student, you can expect to make good progress every week. All our courses come with an extra Active English supplement of five 45 minute teacher led workshops per week. A great way for us to show our commitment to your learning!

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  • Number of classes: 17
  • Number of teachers: 10
  • Age limit: 16
  • Fee Level: $ $ $
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