UKEAS Service for Applying to a Language School

The application process:

  • Free counselling service and school search

    Firstly, your UKEAS counselor will talk with you to fully understand your needs. The counselor needs to collect some information about you so she can understand exactly what you are looking for. Once your counselor understands your needs and the limits of your budget, a selection of language schools that suit you will be introduced to you in depth. You can then work together with your counselor to choose the best school and course, and then complete an application.

  • Deposit & Fees

    Most schools ask that you pay a deposit at the time of application. Your UKEAS counselor will assist you with this and will also give you advice about any special offers that might be available at your chosen school. When the deposit has been paid your counselor will contact the school to confirm receipt and request that an invoice is made available for the remainder of the course. Your counselor will check the invoice to make sure that there are no errors and also to explain the terms and entries on the invoice.

  • Registration, airport pickup and accommodation

    your counselor will help you to arrange airport pickup, accommodation and make sure that all documentation for visa application has been received. As we have many years of experience with language schools, we can also offer detailed advice on accommodation choices as well as travel between airports and your chosen school.

  • Pre Departure Briefing (PDB)

    Your counselor will provide you with a very detailed Pre-Departure Briefing and all the information you will need before your departure to the UK. You can relax in the knowledge that your counselor will help you with any questions you may have about life in the UK.

  • On going support

    Our services continue even after you arrive in the UK.  Ms Su Hayter, the manager of our UKEAS UK office, is always there to help you.

If you still have some questions then be sure to contact us. UKEAS counselors are on hand to give you the most professional advice, and remember our service is completely free!

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