Mixed school or single-sex school

Families can choose between co-educational schools and boys only or girls only. They should choose a school where they think their child will fit in easily and be happy. For some families the co-educational route is preferable and others prefer to choose either girls only or boys only.


Entry into boarding schools is generally into Years 9 (13+ years),10 (14+years) or 12 (16+ years) . Some junior boarding schools will accept girls and boys that are younger. Schools in the UK will determine the grade of the student by age on September 1.

School Environment

Boarding schools are mostly situated within their own grounds and have a mix of traditional buildings combined with state of the art facilities. Each school is different and families are advised to visit at least 3-5 before making their final decision.

English level

Boarding schools will require a certain level of English. Many will provide EAL for their international students who require it. For those that do not, some students will have a term or two at an international study centre where they will be able to improve their English and reach the level required by the main boarding school of their choice.

And finally………….

Investing in your child’s education at a good boarding school is a major decision. Come and talk to us about it, we are here to support and advise you. We know that the right boarding school will give your child the confidence and the qualifications required for entry into top universities. The decision to choose the right school should not be hurried. Take your time, start to consider your options two years before you hope your son or daughter will start at a boarding school. Above all, make sure that they are ready to start at a school away from home.