Student Acommodation in the UK

How best to choose student accommodation in the UK

Deciding where the best place to live the UK is very important for all students. It's where you will be situated for the entire duration of your course, it's where you will call home so it's vital that you choose a place you are going to be happy with. UKEAS counselors are here to help advise you about the choice for your student accommodation.

Private Residence Accommodation

More and more students are opting for private, purpose built residences in main urban areas that are setup by private companies. These types of accommodation are often very modern with good services and convenient to get to the university to attend lectures.

The largest provider of such accommodation in the UK is UNITE PLC. More information about UNITE and the accommodation they have available can be found by clicking here.

Recently, more students studying in the UK have chosen to live in private accommodation, rather than applying for university residences. Here are the reasons why:

  • Basically, universities have been teaming up with private companies to provide more choices for students
  • Applying for university accommodation usually takes several weeks, and the universities cannot guarantee that the student will be allocated his/her first choice of accommodation
  • Usually students can receive a confirmation of accommodation within 24 hours of booking when applying to a private provider. However, when applying for university accommodation the process will take much longer and the student cannot be sure that he/she will be allocated the accommodation hoped for

UKEAS understands that there are many advantages for students to book with a private accommodation company, and so we provide a free and convenient online service to book accommodation with the following companies

  • Casita Student Accommdation
    Casita Student AccommdationCasita makes booking your university home quick and simple. Use Casita’s online resource to view all the available student rooms and buildings in over 60 cities across the UK. Choose the room you desire then enquire with your counselor or through the Casita website.

    Casita customer support will be in touch the same day to get more information from you and the application process can be completed within a couple of hours. Casita’s service is 100% free and they are there to help you have a better study experience assisting you to find and rent the best student room or home within your budget and close to your institution. Casita has over 600 student accommodation buildings totaling 150,000 rooms across the UK.

    • No booking fees
    • Bills all inclusive
    • Post arrival support
    • Instalment plans available
    • Short term tenancies available
    Contact your counsellor or follow this link to book your room today
  • Unite Student Accommodation (UNITE)
    Established in 1991, UNITE is the largest private student accommodation company in the UK. It owns more than 140 students residences with over 50,000 student apartments.
  • Liberty Accommodation 
    Liberty residences are specially designed to meet students’ needs. Students can enjoy the most complete facilities and the residences are spread all over the UK. Liberty provides top quality students accommodation, and the residences are always located near the university.
  • Student Castle 
    Student Castle provides high quality student accommodation in the cities of Cambridge, York, Durham, Bath and Glasgow.
  • Mansion Accommodation
    Mansion provide a range of student accommodation in 14 different cities, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Colchester, Leeds and London.

University Accommodation - Residences

Most universities in the UK offer their own accommodation, but these can vary quite a lot from modern to old and well-used. It is common for universities to have accommodation for undergraduate students and post graduates separately, but in some cases they may be mixed. Men and woman share the same residences, though rare, some schools may offer female only accommodation.

It is vital that as soon as you have made your final choice about which university you will study at, that you start applying for accommodation. Universities cannot guarantee the availability of on-campus accommodation, and when they do, it is only if you have applied before the deadline. Because of the many different choices that are available, your UKEAS counselor will be able to assist in providing all the information you need to help make the right decision. A great way to research beforehand is to take a look at the student accommodation options on a university's website. Please note that houses or flats for married couple and families are quite few and often difficult to obtain.

>What can I expect university accommodation to consist to?

University residences will all have a bedroom which will consist usually of a bed (single or double), sundry storage space, a wardrobe and a study desk with a light. Rooms may also include an en-suite shower or bathroom or a one that students share together. Some university accommodations will offer bedding packs that you can purchase but usually student are expected to supply their own. Almost all room are for one person, it is very rare that you would be sharing with someone else.

University residences will all have a bedroom which will consist usually of a bed (single or double), sundry storage space, a wardrobe and a study desk with a light. Rooms may also include an en-suite shower or bathroom or a one that students share together. Some university accommodations will offer bedding packs that you can purchase but usually student are expected to supply their own. Almost all room are for one person, it is very rare that you would be sharing with someone else.

A kitchen and dining are for students to socialize are common features in university accommodation. Kitchens usually come with all major appliances like a fridge, oven and kettle etc. Undergraduate students will often choose to eat meals at the canteen. This is included in the price of the room.

At undergraduate level, living in a university residence is a great way to meet new friends and can make settling into UK life much easier. For postgraduate students and mature students, this type of accommodation very convenient but you need to consider things like noise and privacy. Speaking to you UKEAS counselor about the best options for you will make sure you are making the right decision.

Language School - Residences

Language schools offer very similar accommodation to universities and will offer more independence than a homestay. Most language school accommodations will offer you a single bedroom, but there are options for shared rooms as well. Meal options may or may not be included, this is something you will need to check your UKEAS counselor.


High School - Residences

At public schools in the UK where a student is boarding, they will almost always be shared rooms or dormitories until they have reached the upper levels. These residences always have an adult on hand to help look after the younger students. Meals are all provided by the schools.


Private housing

Another option for students is to live off campus in accommodation that is privately rented. Student wishing to live with their own friends or because university accommodation is full, will opt for this option. You can information and advice about this from the university's accommodation office. They will be able to tell you which companies can help you find private rented accommodation. If you are already living in the UK then local newspapers and notice board will likely advertise such things. In order to arrange private rented accommodation, you will have to do this from within the UK as you really need to go to each house and look around first. You can find lots of information on the web about rentals available and the different costs. is a great website that offers such information.

It's very important that you understand the legal obligations and exactly what the rent includes, especially for international students. If you have any British friends, it is a good idea to ask them to check the tenancy agreement, or ask your university for assistance.



Language school students, or those that have to study a pre-university course will likely choose a homestay accommodation option. Homestay is where you live with a family that will offer you your own room. The family you stay with will have agreed with the school to host international students. They will usually provide meals for the student depending on whether you have chosen full board (which is all meals provided) or half board (only breakfast and dinner). Homestays will have gone through rigorous inspections by the school or college that work with them to ensure that they are good families.

There are two room options for homestay students, single room or shared with another student from a different nationality. A desk and wardrobe are provided in a student's room and are expected to keep them tidy. Some host families will have internet in the room, but this can't be guaranteed.

During the summer season, homestay accommodation can be booked up very quickly, so it's best to book early. Homestays can be close or far away from the school so it may be just a short walk away or may require a short bus journey. Be sure to inform your counselor of any allergies you have or food preferences as this will also affect the choice of homestay.

Students who leave their university accommodation during the summer holiday period will often stay with a host family. An organisation called HOST has lots of information about making this kind of accommodation arrangements. You can find more details at or contact +44(0)20 7494 2468

If you still have some questions then be sure to contact us. UKEAS counselors are on hand to give you the most professional advice, and remember our service is completely free!

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