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At the University of Portsmouth, Cyber Security and Forensic Information Technology degrees are offered at both UG and PG levels. These degrees are accredited by the British Computer Society, the UK's Chartered Institute for IT and meets the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered IT professional.

The courses equip graduates with all the necessary skills and knowledge in cybersecurity and digital forensics. They can take advantage of numerous opportunities to put their skills to work through our close relationship with the Hampshire Police High Tech Crime Unit to gain valuable experience and expand their networks with an optional salaried placement at the end of the second year for UG programs. In general, students apply their skills to practical problems as part of the department’s partnership with charities, local and global organizations

Graduates from these programs can consider careers in law enforcement, British Intelligence, cybersecurity, computer forensics, IT auditing, information security, high-tech crime units, commercial investigation, national security bodies, systems administration, and security analysis.

Our courses include guest lecturers from industry and research institutions to provide a real experience for students, to give the chance to students to use different forensic and cybersecurity tools and project work with seizure simulation to prepare them for the law courts as expert witnesses. In addition, to broaden their knowledge and offer them more opportunities for their future carriers, some optional modules in security management, business intelligence, Cloud computing, and data analytics can be selected to compete for their course.


Dr. Mo Adda is a Principal Lecturer in Computing, and course leader for Cyber Security and Forensics Information Technology at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth. He holds a PhD in Parallel and Distributed Systems from Surrey University (1992), and has been a consultant from 1997 to 2002 in software development for Business Process modeling, and wrote several commercial products.

Dr. Mo Adda is on the program committee and referees for several journals and international conferences. He is an active researcher with more than 80 publications in renowned international conferences, workshops, book chapters, and journals. His research interests include areas of Network Management, Multithreaded Architectures, Mobile Networks, and Business Process Modelling, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Wireless and Sensor Networks, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, IoT, Embedded Systems, Simulation and Modeling, Big Data and Clustering Systems, Mobile Intelligent Agent Technology and Cloud Power Management



OCT. 24
SATURDAY 15:30-16:45
Speaker: Dr Mo Adda
Subject area: All
2020-10-24 Sat. 15:30-16:45
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