Actuarial Science, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

In this talk, we will be discussing how a tailored Maths degree can literally take you places. With a solid background in statistics and modeling techniques, Maths is the foundation for those wishing to forecast the future, solve real-world problems using data analysis techniques as well as develop machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to design our future. If you see yourself as a future leader and decision-maker who would like to shape our future, have a flair for maths, and enjoy solving business problems using datasets, then this is your opportunity to learn how you can put your skillset into practice by studying a tailored program and securing your future. 


Speaker: ​

Leena Sodha​

Programme Director of Actuarial Science and the Deputy Head of Mathematics at the University of Leicester.​

  • ​As well as teaching across several courses, she is a qualified actuary with over 15 years’ experience, having previously worked for PwC and KPMG. ​


OCT. 20
TUESDAY 17:30-18:45
Speaker: Leena Sodha
Subject area: All
2020-10-20 Tue. 17:30-18:45
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