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Aside from the various merit-based scholarships for international students, additional Global Citizen Grant of 2,500USD will be offered to eligible UKEAS students

Istituto Marangoni offers a number of Scholarships for its undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Milan, Florence, Paris and London to the best young talents.

Three types of scholarships available:

50% of the tuition fee
5.000 deduction on the tuition fee.

Scholarship campaigns are starting soon.

If you need further information, please contact the Area Manager at

For Philippine Undergraduate £1000 PER YEAR;
For Philippine Postgraduate £4000 for the first year;
DEANS Scholarship for all Postgraduate courses at Business School and Events, Tourism & Hospitality School - £1000 for the first year.
All scholarships can be combined and are automatically awarded for September 2021/Januray 2022.

Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship

All international self funded undergraduate students who receive an offer from LJMU will be automatically receive a £3,000 discount in the first year followed by a further £1,000 discount in the second and third year of study

Postgraduate Students

All international self funded postgraduate taught students will automatically receive a £3,000 discount should they receive an offer to study at LJMU

BC Women in STEM Scholarship

The university currently has 5 full scholarships for postgraduate female students looking to continue a relevant STEM related programme in the UK.
There is more information about the scholarship on the following link

GBP2,000 Postgraduate Global Scholarship
Up to GBP6,000 Undergraduate Global Scholarship
Full Scholarships for Bar Course (terms and conditions apply)
20% alumni discount

Undergraduate Scholarship £2,000 for each year of study
Postgraduate Scholarship, up to 50% of the tuition fee.
International Scholarship £2000

Full information can be found on our website

Up to 30% Tuition Scholarships

Global Excellence Scholarship - £1,500 / £2,000
Vice's Chancellor Scholarship - £5,000
Office For Student (OFS) - £10,000
Early Payment Scholarship - £500

All of our undergraduate and postgraduate available scholarships can be accessed here:

Popular are Global Excellence, E3, Government of Ireland, postgraduate Law, postgraduate Business and undergraduate Business (Global Business)

Applicable Programs: MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Associate of Arts

This entrance grant is offered by special arrangement and is intended to provide tuition support for entering students who wish to pursue educational opportunities outside of the SEA region. A limited number of Southeast Asia Regional Grants will be awarded each term to new applicants for admission.

Eligibility: This grant is open to international students from:

Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia
Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Timor Leste
To be considered for this scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

The grant is awarded automatically when you are admitted; and
Start your studies at UCW before the end of the Fall (October) 2021 term.

Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship

CGPA 1.5, in an Undergraduate degree awarded by University of Philippines or University of Santo Tomas - £4,000
CGPA 3.5 in an Undergraduate degree awarded by Ateneo de Manila University or De La Salle University - £4,000

The Essex MBA Dean's Award (
Essex Business School is offering tuition fee discounts to students funding their own MBA studies starting in October 2021. The school is able to offer fee discounts between 10% - 100% of tuition fee value.

MBA Early Bird Discount (
Essex Business School is offering £3,000 to students starting their course in October 2021 who attend an interview with the MBA Director and accept their offer of a place on the full-time Essex MBA by the end of May 2021

Keele International Excellence Scholarships:
Undergraduate-GBP2,500/Year (Exceed Entry Requirement, except for Medicine, only available for self-funded students)
Postgraduate- Up to GBP5,000 (Depends on Undergraduate Degree Grades, except for Medicine, only available for self-funded students)

The University of Northampton International Scholarship

The University of Northampton International Scholarship Scheme is a merit-based scholarship that provides up to a 30% reduction in tuition fees for every year of your study (excluding placement years). All full-time Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught courses delivered on campus fall within the scheme and you will be considered for a scholarship on the basis of your academic achievement.

You do not have to apply for this scholarship separately from your initial application and you will be informed of the outcome in your offer letter.

International Student Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarship :
£2,000 reduction in your tuition fees in year one
10% off the successive years tuition fee (grade of 60% or above)
20% off the successive years tuition fee (grade of 70% or above)

International Student Academic Excellent Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarship :
50% reduction in your tuition fee in year one
50% off the successive years tuition fee, if an overall grade of 70% or above is maintained

Only for courses in Business/Engineering/Computing/Science

Terms and Conditions for Vice Chancellor's Global Development Scholarship

- If you're studying an undergraduate course, you must be a self-funded student on a full-time, on campus, course with annual fees of £14,300 or above for February 2021 entry and £15,500 or above for September 2021 entry.

- If you're studying on a postgraduate research or postgraduate taught course, you must be a self-funded student on a full-time, on campus, course with annual fees of £14,300 or above for February 2021 entry and £15,500 or above for September 2021 entry.

- The scholarship is not available for students who have previously studied other courses at the University of Portsmouth, who will instead be allocated the alumni discount.

- The scholarship is available for ICP (International College Portsmouth) students progressing to the University
The scholarship will take the form of a £1,600 fee reduction, effective at the time of registration and will only apply to your first year of study.

- The scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship, discount or fee offer.

- The discounted fee will be stated on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS). This is the final document you receive when you have an unconditional offer to study at the University of Portsmouth and have paid your deposit.

- Only applicants who have been assessed as overseas students for tuition fee purposes can access this scholarship. Eligibility is determined by nationality.

Self-funding students from the Philippines may be eligible for an automatic scholarship of £2,500 for each year of study with USW. Self-funding USW international graduates who have successfully completed a top-up degree or any other undergraduate degree involving a minimum of one academic year of on campus studies at USW could be eligible for a Progression Fee Discount of £6,000. For more information visit

Scholarships vary between faculties and levels.
Engineering - UG 10% tuition fee scholarship per year. PG 15% tuition fee scholarship
Humanities & Social Sciences - UG £3,500 tuition fee scholarship per year. PG £4,000 tuition fee scholarship
Science - UG & PG £3,000-5,000 tuition fee scholarship
Strathclyde Business School - UG £2,000 tuition fee scholarship. PG £7,000 and £10,000 tuition fee scholarship. There is also a £2,000 tuition fee scholarship per year available for students taking the BBA

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