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Study abroad in the UKApplying to study in the UK can be a complicated and challenging process for many students when there are so many high schools, colleges and universities to choose from. With all the different rankings, types of school, different locations, cost of living and opportunities for scholarships deciding on a school which is right for you is not easy.


That is why making use of the free expert counselling service that UKEAS provides may end up the best decision you ever made. We will present the options and choices to you in an unbiased and professional way so that you can choose your ideal study destination. UKEAS have been helping students realise their overseas study dream since 1993 and over these many years have established an unparalleled relationship with universities and schools in the UK. Over this time we have helped thousands of students succeed and developed the most comprehensive and sought after services in UK education:


  • Free impartial counselling and guidance
  • Free document revision
  • Student interviews with some of the top universities in the world
  • Student visa application service
  • Pre departure briefing
  • Ongoing support in the UK once you have arrived


If you still have some questions then be sure to contact us. UKEAS counselors are on hand to give you the most professional advice, and remember our service is completely free!

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