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As a highly developed nation, the UK has a great transport network with a variety of options. As taxis are very costly, students will resort to public transport which can be very inexpensive with the student discounts on offer. Riding a bike is also a very cheap alternative and it's a very healthy option. There are more and more bike lanes in towns and cities around the UK, but note that you should always wear a helmet and buy a good lock for your bike. The different transport options are details for you below:

  • Coaches and Buses

    Buses are by far the most convenient way of getting around a town or city. Coaches will run frequently between most major urban areas in the UK and are often inexpensive. Buses are the cheapest and easiest form of transport once you are familiar with the routes and times they travel. National Express is a well know coach operator that offer student discounts. Students aged between 16 and 26 can apply for a Young Person Coach Card that allows allows you to get about 30% off your bus/coach ticket. International students can also apply for a BritXplorer Card for 7/14/28 days.

    National Express:

  • UK's train network

    The UK has a vast train network across the country and offers student an easy and quick way between town and cities. It's a good idea to make sure that you book your train early as this can save you quite a lot on your ticket. Below we list some websites for further information:

    Please visit the website for details:

  • Cheap Flights

    There are many airlines operating in the UK that offer very cheap no frills flights. They even operate around Europe now so nice weekend breaks are now very affordable. Ticket prices can be even cheaper if you book your flight 2 to 3 months in advance.

    Please visit the websites for details:

  • London Underground

    The cheapest and most convenient way to get around London is by far the London Underground, also known as the Tube. For students who are studying in London, you should buy an Oyster Card which offers large discounts any time of the day. There are also one day travel cards available for visits who are only in London for a day or two.

    Please visit the website for details:

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