• Kent College

    Established: 1885

School Introduction

The International Study Centre at Kent College offers an English language programme that gives students the English they need to join the mainstream British academic curriculum and take relevant English examinations for entry to universities.

Ethos and Environment

The ISC provides an environment in which all students gain the confidence to attain their full potential. It is a welcoming place, where we celebrate the achievements of all our pupils.

Students are fully integrated with other mainstream students in the boarding houses and tutor groups.


Normally there are between 6 and 10 students in each group. Everyone is treated with great care and given pastoral support.

Language Level

Students in Year 7 to 9 are accepted into the ISC with a level of English between beginner and intermediate. The students study English intensively as well as Maths and the vocabulary they need to join mainstream subjects. Integration into the mainstream curriculum occurs when their English is of an appropriate level. In Year 10 and 12 we accept students at an intermediate level of English. They will normally spend an academic year in the ISC to help them prepare for entry into GCSE courses or sixth form courses.

Stage 1 full- time

We concentrate on the four language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as basic grammar and vocabulary.

We ensure that our pupils take part in extra-curricular activities.

Teaching is conducted within a personalised timetable suited to the student癒礎s ability and speed of learning.

Courses Offered:

Seconary school,2 yr GCSE,1 yr GCSE,Pre-GCSE,Pre-A level

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