Foundation Study

Unlike many countries who have 12 years of education before university the UK has 13 years pre-university education. To ensure students make up this year of schooling UK universities expect students from countries with a 12 year schooling system to complete a foundation programme. Foundation courses are often a combination of academic content and English language skill training. They are focused on preparing international students for study at undergraduate level and may allow a student to focus on their future undergraduate field of study.


3 functions of foundation courses are:


  • To help students to improve their English for academic courses
  • To better prepare students for entry to a university in the UK and to allow students to get used to the way of teaching in the UK.
  • To help students to prepare for the subject they will study at undergraduate level so for example business students can take business related foundation courses, and engineering students can take engineering related foundation courses.

Note, some foundation or pathway courses are only for certain subjects.

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