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For many students when choosing their study destination they will pay a lot of attention to rankings. Rankings are important as they give an independent way of judging universities. However it is very important to understand that every ranking has its own criteria and some maybe aimed at UK students or undergraduate students so it is very important to understand what the rankings are for and who they are aimed at. Below is a variety of rankings and your UKEAS counselor will be able to guide you through the different rankings and which ones focus on the aspects which are most important to you. Remember rankings should just be one factor in selecting your chosen school and it also makes sense to pay just as much attention to course content, location, cost, type of university and student experience:


Academically, school standards of teaching are very close at the top; a schools ranking one year does not necessarily mean that it will be in the top 100 by the time your son / daughter has competed their studies as the smallest differences in GCSE and A level or IB results can allow a school to move up or down several places. In addition, looking for a school that excels at art or music for example is a folly. All UK schools have to adhere to the national curriculum and the top schools will all have exceptionally capable teachers for all subjects as they can pay for the best. School curriculums are designed to give students a well rounded education and allow them to explore a host of interests that in turn will prepare them for specialist study at university in a specific subject.

Finally, choosing a school on rankings is only one criterion and as much as possible it is best for students and parents to go and visit schools so that the student can determine the best fit school for them. Public (private) schools come in a wide range of guises from the small schools located in the countryside, to large schools in the middle of cities. Using rankings tables should not be the be all and end all of a decision that is going to have far reaching consequences for the student in question; it should be one part of a process to help determine the best school for a particular student.

Having said all that, rankings can help give a starting point and an indication of the quality of the school. As such, a list of rankings to help determine the best school for your child can be found by following the links below:



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