Research Degree Programmes

The UK has a truly world class reputation for research and has produced over 100 Nobel prize winners and been responsible for groundbreaking work in areas as varied as the world wide web, mapping of DNA and splitting the atom. Doctoral study can be followed through either a traditional PhD programme or a New Route PhD course:

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  • The Traditional PhD (pure research)

    The overwhelming majority of PhD programmes available in the UK are through the traditional PhD pathway. A traditional PhD usually takes 3 – 4 years to complete. Students are assigned one or two supervisors who are experts in their field of research who guide them through the PhD until completion. Because of this it is very important that candidates find a suitable supervisor who has the expertise in their area. The most critical aspect of the application process is to write a research proposal. A research proposal must show how the research will contribute something new to the subject and will include a literature review, research questions, methodology and expected outcomes At UKEAS we have years of experience in revising proposals and will assist you in ensuring your proposal has the necessary level of detail, appropriate style and sufficient focus to give you the best chance of gaining a place.

  • The New Route PhD

    Established in 2001, New Route PhD or sometimes called Integrated PhD combines taught courses with a substantial piece of research. It is a 4 year course and the taught courses are usually concentrated in the first 2 years with the research aspect lasting the whole 4 year period but becoming even more concentrated during the final 2 years. The New Route PhD is not available in every subject and there are a much smaller number of schools offering this type of qualification.

  • Part time PhD

    It maybe possible for a traditional PhD to be taken part full time and part part-time., especially when the research data or subject matter is located outside the UK. In this case students would normally spend a year full time in the UK and then maybe allowed to do the rest from a distance. However this needs to be negotiated with the supervisor and can often lead to the PhD taking longer to complete.

  • Professional Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA

    The DBA qualification offers those at a senior level, whether in business, academia or the public sector, the chance to develop professional skills through an academically challenging and professionally relevant programme of study. The programme focuses on developing skills in business research, as well as gaining a multi disciplinary perspective on complex management issues.

  • Professional Doctorate in Education, EdD

    The EdD is a combination of research, coursework and taught courses and usually last 3 years. It has a heavier focus on enhancing general career development..

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