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For many students when choosing their study destination they will pay a lot of attention to rankings. Rankings are important as they give an independent way of judging universities. However it is very important to understand that every ranking has its own criteria and some maybe aimed at UK students or undergraduate students so it is very important to understand what the rankings are for and who they are aimed at. Below is a variety of rankings and your UKEAS counselor will be able to guide you through the different rankings and which ones focus on the aspects which are most important to you. Remember rankings should just be one factor in selecting your chosen school and it also makes sense to pay just as much attention to course content, location, cost, type of university and student experience:

There are also several world rankings that can provide insight into the UK university you are applying or thinking of going to:

The first is provided by QS Top Universities:

Another is prepared by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and called the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It can be found here


If you still have questions, please contact your local UKEAS office for the latest and most professional advice. Remember our service is free.

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