Tutorial Colleges and High Schools

UK boarding schools are famed the world over. They offer the highest quality education often in stunning surroundings and offer a combination of excellent academic preparation, with a focus on building the confidence and life skills to create the next generation of leaders and professionals in society. Many successful leaders from all over the world have been schooled in the UK boarding system including, royalty, presidents, Nobel Prize winners and political leaders.

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Entrance into boarding schools is usually through a test which can be sent to and invigilated in a UKEAS office. These tests usually cover mathematics, English and verbal reasoning. The most famous and academically renowned schools expect a high level of achievement in your studies in your home country.

  • Boarding schools

    Boarding schools will have an overwhelming majority of British students with a minority of international students.

  • Tutorial College

    As well as boarding schools, there are also Tutorial Colleges that have been specially designed to cater for overseas students. The colleges will allow for more English tuition, but also have smaller class sizes. Tutorial colleges promote independent learning so students must learn to work by themselves. Tutorial colleges will teach GCSEs and A levels and there is no age limit.

    The main differences between Private High Schools and Tutorial Colleges in the UK are:

  Private High School Tutorial College
Students background 80% - 90% UK students 90% of students are international students
Class sizes Class sizes are usually around 20 Often less than 10
Accommodation requirement Students live in hall of residences on campus Hall of residence or homestay
Features School uniform, discipline, sports, music, extracurricular activities, lie on campus. More exam focused, casual dress, more freedom.
Examples Bromsgrove School
Monkton Combe School
Sidcot School
Bellerbys College
Stafford House
Cambridge Tutors College

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