UK Weather

Weather in the UK is generally mild most of the year round. This is influenced strongly by the seas that surround the island. This results in winters that are not too cold, and summers not too hot. The west coast of England is generally more humid and warmer than the east due to the Gulf of Mexico currents. The further north you go the cooler is gets, but the difference is small and should not influence your choice of location. In Britain it rarely gets very hot, but when it does it can feel a little uncomfortable because very few places have air conditioning. For this reason you will want to prepare light clothing during this season.

During the winter season all places will be well heated, but you will still need need to prepare a few extra layers when you go outside to remain warm. In the summer the temperature can get very cool in the evening so it is advisable to have a light jacket handy. The average temperatures are display below for both summer and winter seasons.

UK summer and winter weather
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